"Flowers from the Garden"   USPS Forever stamps 2017


Stamp Image © 2016 United States Postal Service. All Rights Reserved

Elizabeth Brandon has been chosen by the United States Postal Service for four of her florals to be used as Forever stamps in 2017. Elizabeth is known for her still life's including florals,  fruits, and vegetables. Previously, she created the cover paintings for Cook’s Illustrated magazine culminating in 48 covers over seven years. The four Floral stamps, titled “Flowers from the Garden", will be arriving this year.   The Forever Stamp images were designed by Derry Noes from the four original florals by Elizabeth.

Elizabeth draws her inspiration from the 17th Century Dutch Masters and the energy instilled in arrangements of living flowers. Her compositions are illuminated by light and rhythms of contrasting shadows. Most of her flowers come from her garden,  family, and friends.

“Flowers display a beauty and a moment to pause by gazing into their delicate and fleeting  blossoms.  They are not simple creations, but complicated mechanisms of Nature’s science and a miracle to behold. Painting a flower is like listening to a musical aria of color, movement, and light that links us to our own wish to be something of beauty and transformation.” Elizabeth

You can view and purchase a fine art canvas print of each stamp of the complete floral image on the following page.